The Saint Dewi’s Day Massacre

Last night I had my first game since the house fire.

My old friends Phil and Hairy Dave put on a three-way Blood Eagle match between Phil’s Welsh Prince Rhodri the Giant Slayer, Dave’s Picts (aka The Unnamed), and a rebel Welsh Lord called Cadris (kindly loaned to me by Phil).

Prince Rhodri gained his name when he landed the killing blow to a Frost Giant in a game last year (it was surrounded by Vikings, Welsh and Picts at the time).

Anyway Prince Rhodri’s force consisted of a couple of archers (with skirmisher, hawkeye and war bows), a few lowly spearmen, a couple of mail-armoured Uchelwr (heroes) and himself (hero) on a mighty pony. This pony should be called ‘Huey’, after the way it transported him around the battle field. Rhodri also had a legendary sword called Gerd.

Cadris (hero) had more men, having not invested points in so much armour and heroes. He had two archers, one with (with skirmisher, hawkeye and war bow) and the other with Stealthy as well, four hardy spearmen, and a couple of unarmoured girls carrying spears. Cadris is a equal opportunities employer.

The Unnamed were a tough bunch with a Lord, a Champion and a Druid (who used Second Sight so many times it eventually burned out), as well as a few spearmen and a couple of hunters (skirmisher, hawkeye, hunting bow). Most of their upper echelon had poisoned weapons (nasty, nasty stuff).

Prince Rhodri began the game calling upon Cadris to return to his service and drive back the Picts, but to no avail. We were to witness some vicious Welsh on Welsh action. They only united (briefly) when the Picts got in the way of their own inter-tribal wrangling over a pig.

The games had four relics of Dewi Sant (Saint Dewi) in a ruined chapel (worth one point each), and three happy pigs wandering about the centre of the field (worth two points each). The pigs would move randomly 1d6″ until accosted. The pigs became free whenever the person leading it was engaged in a fight.

The table itself had plenty of terrain; three hills, one of which was tall and steep, a bog, the chapel, four small woods and a hedged enclosure containing one of the pigs. The chapel was type three terrain unless you entered by one of the four doors.

In a game with lots of Welsh war bows, cover would be important, especially that which blocked like of sight, as the hawkeye trait seemed to be the standard.

In the first few turns there was a rush to claim relics and pigs. The odd figure here and there fell to bow fire but things did not really get serious until Cadris was slain and the Picts began cutting a swathe through Rhodri’s lighter forces with their magic and poisoned blades.

The game then went very narrative as Rhodri’s men and the Picts began to concentrate on each other rather than the objectives, allowing Cadris’ forces to begin marching loot off the field.

In the end Prince Rhodri’s force was decimated and had only a couple of figures left, along with one relic (one point). The Picts had several men left standing and had got two pigs off the field (four points), despite the Apache Gunship, which was Prince Rhodri on his mighty pony, charging around the length and breadth of the field mowing down pretty much anyone he came across.

This included Blodwen, a fourteen year old girl, whom he missed on his charge, but then used a Hero point to reroll his attack and slay her as she ran with a relic. Amongst Cadri’s men, Rhodris will be forever called ‘Rhodri Girl-slayer’.

Cadri’s force managed to get a pig and three relics off the field for five points and the match.

Honestly this was the funniest match I have played for a long time, with Dave and especially Phil, taking on the roles of their leaders with gusto.

One pig changed hands between the three forces at least six times, and I have named it Lucky Lleu. In one engagement there were three of Phil’s Welsh, two of mine and two of Dave’s Picts all fighting over the confused sow.

In the after battle survival checks Cadris managed to crawl from the battlefield to fight again. He is plotting his revenge against Rhodri as I write this…

Overall it was nice to play a battle where the players had not chosen to field a handful of well-armoured heroes each. Instead the forces were more balanced and reflected the period. This led to a much more enjoyable match, instead of a slugfest.
Prince Rhodri’s legend is growing.

My apologies for the lack of photos, but we were playing for fun, not an AAR 🙂

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Show news

As many of you are aware I run the show side of the Ministry, and have plans to attend a record number of shows this year.

Due to unforeseen circumstances (a house fire) the Ministry shall not be attending Carronnade in Falkirk, and quite possibly Partizan in Newark this month.

We shall keep you up-to-date with this situation as it develops.

Meanwhile Dave Wise and the stalwarts of the Games Club Network shall continue to run fantastic skirmish participation games, some of which involve our rules. SO keep an eye out for their excellent tables.

Update 08/05/2018

We shall not be going to Partizan this year, but shall aim to go to The Other Partizan in August,

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A little modern history

2013 – Salute at the Excel centre in London. This was the show where In Her Majesty’s Name was launched by Osprey Publishing.

Salute 2013

That is Nick Eyre (who has changed one jot – I need to check his shed for a painting methinks), my little son Conor (now a hulking 6’3″) and I. Charles was still in his ‘no publicity’ phase, so is out of shot.

As you can see I am still in shock. I turned up expecting to find a few books on sale, instead there was this amazing 12′ long London City Board by Shaun and Terry. The White Hart members were already running games using the figures Nick had produced, and a fair few others as well.

We attracted a lot of attention that day, it was a much better launch that we could have envisaged. So thanks to all those involved.

For new recruits to the fellowship of IHMN, this is long before the formation of The Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare, so no bowler hats or polo shirts.

The following year we ran our own games and found two other groups running IHMN as well, and so it began. We have run games at every Salute since, and at shows the length and breadth of Britain.

Well here we are, five years on. Six books on the shelves, a seventh on the way, and plans already being laid for the eighth. Many thousands of books have been bought by you all, for which we are eternally grateful (and not a little confused).

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Salute 2018 – updated map

Salute 2018 Us and Friends

As is our custom now, we have added the locations of a few traders that may be of interest.

Too Fat Lardies are the premier British independent rules creators and well worth a visit. They are putting on a demo game just up the alley from us too.

Ainsty Castings sell all of our Ministry books and a goodly number of the IHMN figures too. ell worth a visit for their sheer range and friendly service.

Bad Squiddo is the legendary Annie Norman, purveyor of fine, properly attired, lady miniatures, and various livestock.

Wargames Illustrated and Wargames Soliders & Strategy, are both old friends of ours, and produce excellent periodicals.

Trev Dixon has been sculpting and selling miniatures from when I was a nipper. Most of my Samurai collection come from his talented hands. He has also become a friend to the Ministry. This year he has the misfortune of being next door to Forgeworld. So force your way through their queue and show you still support our legends.

Andy, at Heresy Miniatures, is a legendary one-man band. His figures hold a charm that few can match.

And last, but by no means least, the boys at Osprey gave us our start in the business, so will ever be our friends.

On week to go folks… so don’t panic!

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Mars Attacks

As you may already know, the BBC are doing a full series, Edwardian adaptation of H.G Wells classic The War of the Worlds.

You can find a full report here:
Of course we published a genre pack for this some time ago, which you can find at the bottom of this page:


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For King & Parliament!

I have always had a fascination with the English Civil War, having had a brief flirtation with a reenactment group back in the day (the 80’s), and being in love with 17th century history in general. So when this was announced I was all ears…


If you are thinking the cover looks familiar, it is because we share a layout artist – Millsy from Cobalt Peak Design.

‘For King and Parliament’ is a simple set of wargames rules for the Civil Wars in England (and Scotland and Ireland) of the mid-Seventeenth Century.

Written by our good friend Simon Miller, and ECW afficionado Andrew Brentnall, they use mechanisms that will be immediately familiar to players of the popular ‘To the Strongest!’ ancient and medieval rules.

Simon, and his Companions, have been seen at shows the length and breadth of the land putting on ‘To the Strongest!’ demo games that are famous for being 20+’ long and featuring thousands of 28mm pikemen. Yet the game only take 2-3 hours at most (with stops for tea and scones along the way).

This year we can expect less pike, but many more gorgeous banners, as they take to the shows once more, but with the forces of the honorable Parliament or the dastardly Tyrant Charles. I, for one, am really looking forwards to seeing them.


Did I say less pike? Hey, look at the banners!

You can find Simon’s blog, with many more details here:


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Salute 2018 – our stand location

This year we are right at the back opposite Britannia Miniatures, and not far from the seating area.

Salute 2018 Stand Location

We shall be running at least two Thud & Blunder participation games as well as displaying the rest of our games and welcoming back Mark Byng with his updated IHMN Boardgame.

Please drop by to say hello, have a chat or a game and, if you should feel so inclined, drop off some cake 🙂

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