Gaming Day in Camberley

Yesterday’s Gaming Day at SnM Stuff in Camberley was well received by their regular customers and by a few people who’d come along specially to take a look at our games.  We ran:

  • Daishō – We used the same board and scenario as at Salute 2016; two buntai vied with each other for possession of a precious artefact from a Buddhist shrine.  For one of the games, Billy (SnM Stuff employee and maker of both the Daishō and Gothic boards) challenged my Ninja buntai who had been undefeated up to now.  Despite losing all except their leader early in the game, the Ninja maintained their unbeaten record. 🙂
  • Blood Eagle – Two small warbands, each led by a Hero, were dispatched by their lords to bring back the head of a particularly dangerous troll which was blocking an important bridge.  On this particular day, the “particularly dangerous” troll fell over (natural 1 Fate roll) very early in both games!
  • IHMN Gothic – The graveyard board we used at Salute 2016 was back in play, this time hosting a tussle between werewolves and vampires.  This was a test of the scenario and companies we’ll be using for the participation game to launch IHMN Gothic at Salute 2017.  Although the werewolves look tougher on paper the vampire company had the better results on the day.

Everyone who played these games enjoyed themselves.  A few visitors were interested but didn’t have time to stay for a game; we’ve left the Daishō board and figures with SnM Stuff until further notice so if anyone wants to pop in and give the game a try, please contact them to arrange it.


The Blood Eagle game set up ready to play


A Ronin buntai beatinging up the Daimyo’s Troubleshooters (Gothic board in background)


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