Gothic is ready for preorder

We are pleased to announce that In Her Majesty’s Name Gothic is now available on preorder from the gentlemen at North Star,


Within these pages, you shall find new weapons and equipment, talents and powers, and creatures both normal and supernatural. As well as a host of new companies to fight or, bring on, the darkness that threatens to engulf the Old World.

You will meet old enemies such as Vlad Tepes, Prince of Wallachia, and his nemesis Abraham van Helsing. Play the brave men of the Imperial Nightwatch as they test their modern might against the terrifying vampire minions of the immortal Countess Bathory. Rouse the Village mob to drive out Baron Viktor von Frankenstein and his abominations. Tread the corridors of power as a member of the Illuminati or, join the Gypsies to hunt Werewolves under the full moon. Witness Sampson Caine and the Nuns of the Order of the Bringer of Salvation defend the innocent from the predations of the Dread Monks of Sucevita. Unleash the Unborn upon the terrible White Slavers. You can also upgrade and test your existing IHMN companies against these many terrors.

New scenarios and landscapes will take your companies into dark forests, mist shrouded castles, ancient ruins, pagan altars and grim, fortified villages the length and breadth of Transylvania, Wallachia and the ever-forbidding Carpathian Mountains.

This is classic Victorian Gothic Horror at its grisly, horripilating best. It is not recommended for ladies and gentlemen of a nervous disposition, for the darkness will feed upon their terror.

It is expected that the book will be ready to despatch by North Star in early March 2017.

Special news just in

To celebrate the long-awaited release of IHMN Gothic, North Star have put the original IHMN range on sale, and re-released the much sought-after five special figures for sale until the book is with them.
So you have two weeks to get them folks!


About Craig

For those who need to know these things: - I'll never see 50 again. - I'm tall enough to see well in crowds and fat enough to leave a wake. - I'm well married to a woman with twice my smarts, three delightful and challenging children (er-hem), and one cat overlord. - I am Welsh. - I have to work for a living, but do nothing that makes me perspire.
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9 Responses to Gothic is ready for preorder

  1. Riot says:

    Been waiting for this for the longest time . . . . . Cant wait!!


  2. Riot says:

    Well I could not wait and have already pre-ordered!


  3. Craig says:

    Cheers m’dear!


  4. Who are the White Slavers?


    • Craig says:

      The horror of white slavers was very real in late Victorian Europe and several tales were written about them. These were men who abducted pretty white-skinned girls and boys to be sold in the slave markets of the decadent Ottoman Empire, It was human sex trafficking but in a west to east direction.
      Whether this is entirely true is not the point.


  5. BloodyCactus says:

    please tell me it will be printed the same size as the osprey books???


  6. I’m particularly hoping to meet the Airship Pirates, since I read somewhere we’ll finally meet them in this.


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