Daisho & Blood Eagle PDFs now printable

Our digital versions of Daisho and Blood Eagle have been on sale for about a month.  We’ve spent that time collecting feedback, which on the whole has been good – thank you!

The change that’s been asked for most has been to allow printing of the PDFs.  Having discussed this between ourselves and with other publishers, we’ve decided to do this.

With immediate effect, all PDF copies of Daisho and Blood Eagle which you download from our friendly supplier, SnM Stuff, will have printing enabled.

If any of you who downloaded the non-printable versions would like to replace them with printable versions, this can be done at no cost.  Please email your name and original order number to contact@snmstuff.co.uk; they will re-enable your download rights and you’ll then be able to download again from the link they sent you when you purchased the product.

Just to confirm, when we release IHMN Gothic in digital form (date to be confirmed but probably soon after Salute) the PDF will be print-enabled from the start.

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1 Response to Daisho & Blood Eagle PDFs now printable

  1. BloodyCactus says:

    I’ll have to check mine (I got them… the day you announced it?) They are listed as having no security. (well it has my name + email in the footers). Just glad to have them in pdf!


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