Colours 2018 – Newbury, UK

Well, that’s Colours done for 2018.

It was our first time at this illustrious show and I was much impressed with the layout and organisation (thanks Sophie & the Colours crew). The show is set across three levels of the Newbury Racecourse stand, with traders on the first two floors and all the demo and participation games on the third. Luxurious surroundings indeed.

We ran the Witch’s Cat game for the last time, and seven pairs of punters turned up to enjoy this now classic tale – you can see the game on question in the T&B page header.

I think that the final score was four games to the Orcs and three to the City Guard. The hapless men of the Guard were wiped out completely in one game. Greebo the cat racked up four kills, punishing down foolish humans who would take him away from the fish stall.

We were busy the whole day so I had no time to take any decent photos. We were right next to Simon & Andrews’s humongous For King & Parliament game, which featured more figures than I actually own. Impressive as always.

Overall the standard of demo and participation games at shows has increased every year, and Colours was no exception. There were still a few ‘demo’ games where nobody actually demo’d anything and ignored the punters, but these were a tiny minority.

I would like to thank Billy, in particular, for running over half of our games, and Lorna and Cat (not Greebo) for running front of house, catering support etc.

I would also like to thank all the people who came up for a chat or to look at the IHMN board game. This excellent game, created by Mark Byng, attracted a lot of attention. We are still looking for a publisher for this and if we don’t get one soon, may look into the mechanics of a kickstarter.

Several of my oldest gaming friends turned up to celebrate 40 years of gaming together. These included; Mark, Ian, Jim, Tim, Simon and Paul. Good to see you all together again guys. It is sobering to think that we have all been playing that long.

So, onto the swag. I sent off my procurement agent (Lorna) to acquire a number of items and she did not disappoint. I now possess two more Deep Cut Mats – an entirely cobbled one to use for cityscapes from the medieval to the Victorian periods, and a more rural one for farms, forests and wilderlands. Both shall feature in next year’s show games.

We also now have a copy of The Sheriff of Nottingham boardgame, and some nice resin pieces from Fenris games that I picked up from Bad Squiddo. Then there are the sheep… I was admiring the sheep that Simon had on his battlefield, so Lorna headed off and rounded up a small flock for me.

I got to meet and chat with another of my gaming heroes, the inestimable John Treadaway. I remember way back in the eighties being agog at his huge Stingray game, and have read hundreds of his articles, show reports and AARs since. He turned out to be just as I had hoped, a lovely bloke.

Other good people worth mentioning included; the blue giant and his companion on the Deep Cut stand, first class chaps; Guy Bowers of WSS; Dan of WI; the lovely Annie Norman and her manservant Bruce; and innumerable IHMN, Daisho and Blood Eagle players who dropped by.

This was our first visit to Colours and will be one we shall repeat. It is also the last show we shall be at this year. Next year’s programme is still being worked upon, but we shall certainly be trying to get to; Crusade, Salute, Partizan and T’Other Partizan along with several other shows. We’ll publish our full programme once we have the necessary confirmations.


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