Thud & Blunder – Warbands revealed!

As the Gamma version of the rules is currently with our reviewers, I thought I’d share the list of warbands that we have included in the book.

It should be noted that these are fairly generic, allowing you to create the warbands you want for your own chosen fantasy setting. There were quite a few more, but we felt these gave what you initially needed to get playing. Some of the extra ones will be released for free on the blog, and we shall also be sharing warbands created by the playtesters and other players as we go on.

9.4.1 Adventurers Experienced Adventurers Inexperienced Adventurers
9.4.2 Assassins
9.4.3 Barbarians
9.4.4 Brigands
9.4.5 City Guard
9.4.6 College of Wizards
9.4.7 Dwarves

9.4.8 Elves
9.4.9 Evil Overlord
9.4.10 Fomor Reavers (ogres)
9.4.11 The Guardians of the Dead
9.4.12 Gnomes
9.4.13 Halflings
9.4.14 Hedge Knight
9.4.15 Necromancer
9.4.16 Noble Knight
9.4.17 Orcs and Goblins
9.4.18 Thieves’ Guild

Also, in 9.5 Creating your own Warband, we build a list for Gnoll Hunters.

The Adventurer’s warband is of particular interest to those of you who want to replicate their favourite gangs of murder-hobos on the tabletop. It allows you to build a set of unique characters/heroes to go forth and take on fabulous quests (or dark missions).

As we get closer to release, we shall share more about the rules to whet your appetite.


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