Blood Eagle

Blood Eagle Cover 300dpi

Have you ever wanted to replicate the bloody feats of heroism you see in The Thirteenth Warrior movie and the Vikings! TV series, or recreate the many great stories from the Norse Sagas and Eddas or the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle and poetry? Be faced by an enemy shield wall and then hurl yourself at it regardless of the cost? Jump onto the deck of a rival’s longship while at sea and wreak your revenge on the man who destroyed your village? Harry the coast of a foreign land and return laden down with silver and slaves? These rules allow you to fight such encounters across Northern Europe, Scandinavia and, the British Isles in the 9th and 10th centuries.

Perhaps you would also want to replicate the heroic feats of such characters as Lord Uhtred, Ragnar Loðbrok, the shield maiden Lagertha, Egil Skallagrimsson, Erik the Red or the mighty Beowulf himself. These rules give you all you need to create and play heroes of legend.

You may even want to face trolls and frost giants, lead a Sidhe Warband to raid a Christian monastery, master the darkest of arts and become a deathless Draugr chieftain, or even test your courage against the mighty Grendel himself. These rules also include the tools to run games set in a legendary past.

You can do all of this if you play Blood Eagle, skirmish wargaming in the legendary Dark Ages.

This game allows players to field forces of three to fifteen miniatures in a game you can easily complete in an evening on a space only a yard square. The rules are short and simple to learn – few players needing to refer to them after their second or third game.

This book provides:

  • The core rules of play,
  • The complete points system so you can create your own forces,
  • Full listings for thirteen unique forces from the period,
  • Ten legendary heroes that warbands can call upon to aid their cause,
  • Armour, weapons and, equipment, both ordinary and legendary,
  • Detailed listings of abilities, pagan Wyrd powers and, Christian miracles,
  • Sixteen scenarios, supported by twelve scenario complications,
  • Fifteen detailed landscapes for you to play across,
  • A complete campaign system to let you write your own sagas,
  • Rules for shipboard combat, and
  • Simple, yet rewarding campaign rules.

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Below is a selection of additional materials for you to use in your games:

  1. Creating your own Warband in Blood Eagle
  2. Blood Eagle Reference Sheet v2
  3. Blood Eagle Warband Roster Sheet [Word version]
  4. Blood Eagle Warband Roster Sheet [PDF version]
  5. Blood Eagle FAQs v1.1
  6. Salute 2016 – Blood Eagle Figure Cards
  7. The Outlaws of Sherwood Forest
  8. The Sheriff of Nottingham
  9. Blood Eagle Errata v1.1
  10. Reinforced Mail