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Moving forwards with Blood Eagle

The current rules cover the period from about 800CE to 1015CE, but because of the weapons and armour we have provided in the book can actually be stretched from 500CE to 1066CE. To help players who want to be able … Continue reading

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Blood Eagle and Daisho go digital!

The Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare is pleased to announce that digital PDF versions of these popular rules are now available from our friends at S’n’M Stuff: and These are perfect for use on your tablets, phablets and phones. … Continue reading

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Gaming Day in Camberley

Yesterday’s Gaming Day at SnM Stuff in Camberley was well received by their regular customers and by a few people who’d come along specially to take a look at our games.  We ran: Daishō – We used the same board … Continue reading

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