In Her Majesty’s Name


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It is 1895 and the world is in turmoil. The Great Powers compete for resources and the latest technology and, an undeclared and secret war rages between them all. This is the battleground of the Adventuring Companies. These clandestine agents of the Great Powers operate in the shadows, matching skills and wits in pursuit of the newest scientific formulae or powerful occult artefacts.

In Her Majesty’s Name is a narrative skirmish game published by Osprey Wargames. It is set in a world that could have been and is based on contemporary Victorian Science Fiction.

These rules allow you to create a company either from those provided or one of your own devising, then fight the secret war that is is being waged between the Great Imperial powers and upstart nations.

So far there have been two supplements to the original rules;
– Heroes, Villains & Fiends; which expands the horizons of the game to encompass Africa and North America.
– Sleeping Dragon, Rising Sun; which takes the game east to the Indian subcontinent, China and, Japan.

The authors are currently working on a third supplement – In Her Majesty’s Name Gothic. More details can be found in the New Projects page..

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Below is a selection of additional materials for you to use in your games.

Game Materials

  1. IHMN Reference Sheet v4
  2. IHMN Reference Sheet by Van Helsing 2
  3. Creating your own Company in IHMN
  4. in-her-majestys-name-errata-16-02-2014
  5. Lady Kate’s Marvellous Maniacal Enumerator

New companies

  1. WSS secret_service article
  2. The Brick Lane Commune – Northstar Lists
  3. The Kentish Men – a Company for In Her Majesty’s Name
  4. The Prince of Wales’s Extraordinary Company – version 2
  5. The Salamander Fire Insurance Company
  6. The Whitechapel Vigilance Committee
  7. Der Kult des Ubermensch
  8. Hergé’s Adventurers
  9. Herge’s Adventurers – Lou Passejaire
  10. La Cirque du Tenebrae
  11. Marley and Co., Bailiffs
  12. Tarzan, Lord of the Apes v.2
  13. The Bloody Thistle
  14. The Conservators
  15. The Dark Knight v2
  16. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  17. The Secret Service Bureau – Grey Section
  18. The Special Archaeological Service
  19. The US Marshals
  20. savages-legion
  21. The Order of the Lion – a new company for IHMN Gothic

Fiction & background

  1. Excerpt from the Junior Officer’s Pocketbook 1894
  2. Imperial Intelligence Committee Annual Grand meeting 1895

Companies created by players

  1. Diamond Annie’s Forty Thieves by Michael J. O’Brien
  2. Otto Von Feldkirchen’s Light Dragoons (Austria-Hungary) by Rob Lee
  3. Pinkerton’s Detective Agency Special Crimes Unit by Michael J. O’Brien
  4. The Temple of Isis by Michael J. O’Brien

Genre packs

  1. Blood and Faith genre pack v1
  2. The Martian Invasion – a supplement for In Her Majesty’s Name!