New projects


The authors are currently working on a third supplement – In Her Majesty’s Name Gothic – targeted for release in 2017.

This explores the darker and more mysterious side of the game world, especially the horrors that are emerging as the Austro-Hungarian Empire begins to collapse and drag the other Great Powers into an inevitable and terrible war.

Here is an excerpt from the Foreword;

“Once I believed that there was no worse fate than to die having failed to do the Lord’s work. Then I met the people of Carpathia and saw their utter hopelessness in the face of forces so dark and demonic as to defy description. To suffer without the hope of salvation, this is truly a living death. We shall bring the light of the Lord to these benighted souls and root out the source of the evil that has enslaved them.”

Inquisitor Absalom Curr to the Conclave of Cardinals 1894.

In the eastern reaches of the Austro-Hungarian Empire lie the dark, mist-shrouded forests and mountains of Carpathia and Transylvania. Here, it is said, the laws of Man and God do not run. Despite their territorial claims, the court of the Austrian Emperor know in their hearts that this region has always been beyond their power to effectively control. So, for four hundred years they have followed the twin strategies of containment and appeasement. The abomination Count Vlad Tepes and self-styled ‘Prince of Wallachia’ even attends court and represents the region in the Empire’s councils.

However, there are a few brave men and women who see a different future for the downtrodden peoples of this region. They wish to harness the energy of the age and bring light into its darkened villages and towns. The Holy Mother Church stands behind these people despite knowing that their task is so great as to be effectively futile.