The digital Thud & Blunder is here!

Our good friend Sean now has the hardback book, the digital version and a combined Hardback & Digital offer at his shop site:

The digital copy is a PDF with full internal links, and is less than half the price of the hardback.

The game is selling fast so order early to be assured of a copy 🙂

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Points cost calculators for T&B

Good folks, one of the joys of T&B is the ability to create your own stuff! To assist you with that we have created a range of points cost calculators which can now be downloaded from this blog:

You shall find that there are four calculators, one for warbands and one each for beasts, vehicles and weapons.

If you come across any glitches in them let us know immediately so we can improve them.

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T&B, it’s a magical place…

So, many of you have been asking about the magic system, and as we are kindly people, here is the first page of the magic section:

Thud & Blunder v1.0 pg68 Section 8 Hi-Res

There are sixty-eight magical spells spread over three levels of power. Most of them represent ones we have read in fantasy books or seen in films. A few have been added as they are the commonest used in fantasy rpgs.

The cost system for spells could not be simpler (see 9.1.9), making it very easy for you to introduce new powers of your own devising. The only real rule regarding this is that you agree these new powers with your fellow gamers before using them.

If you are running a campaign you may wish to expand or even restrict the types of spells that can be used in line with your setting. For example; in Lord of the Rings relatively few magical powers are used, but in Mordheim  every man and his dog seems to have them 🙂

Note that to use a level of magical power you must have the appropriate trait – Magical Talent: Novice, Adept or Master. A Novice can only choose Grade 0 powers, an Adept Grades 0 & 1, and a Master (hello Gandalf) can choose any grade.

Well, there is it, fully compliant with our KISS principle, but with enough depth to keep you working out winning combinations and uses for years.

We are really looking forwards to seeing how you use this section.

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Thud & Blunder is now shipping!

Hear ye! Hear ye!

His Eminence Lord Eyre has made it known that his minions shall begin shipping T&B immediately. So if you have pre-ordered this mighty tome look to your postal operative.

We at The Ministry would be gratified to hear your first impressions of the books here, on the Facebook page, or on the Lead Adventure and Beasts of War fora.


Lead Adventure

Beasts of War:

Important note: You can still ‘pre-order’  the book up until the 13th March and get the 10% discount coupon as well.

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First review of Thud & Blunder


So folks here is the first review of Thud & Blunder by the inestimable Neil Shuck of Meeples & Miniatures:

We shall leave you to read this and make your mind up on his opinion.

But hell, 5 stars! Woot!

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A funny thing happened to me on the way to the dungeon…

Well… this happened…

The hardback is now available to order from the magnificent North Star 

The digital version, available from, will be available at the same time.

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Incoming Alert!!

Our printers have despatched the first print run of Thud & Blunder to Northstar and it should arrive in the next ten days or so. As soon as Nick has checked the consignment it will be available for sale.

Keep an eye on Northstar as Nick will be putting up the pre-order page fairly soon. Over at SnM Stuff we hope to have the digital version available at the same time as the hardback.

The hardback shall retail for a tiny £27 and the digital for an even tinier £12.

Thud & Blunder Cover Front v1.0 Lo-Res

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