IHMN Board game Winner!

The dapper Mark Byng spent the whole day at Salute introducing people to his excellent IHMN board game. It is a game that I and my family have spent many a happy evening playing. He is now in the position of being able to offer it to a suitable producer.

As a thank you to all those who came up and buttonholed him about the game, he raffled off a full pre-production copy and we can now announce the winner to be Mr. Jimmy Carter (no, not the US President of the same name).  Well done sir!

IHMN Boardgame

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Your personalised Salute map!


Keep an eye out for me, I shall be wearing my Ministry-issued Bowler hat!

Craig in Bowler

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A special surprise for Salute

Mark Byng, creator of the IHMN Boardgame will be on our stand (GD22) at Salute 2017, showing the game off to the general public.

Anyone who comes to the stand can leave their email address and after the show Mark will draw one address at random and send them a full copy of the game! They will then own a pre-publication copy of this incredible game.

So get yourself to our stand and see Mark about his game…

IHMN Boardgame

What Is This?
Set in the world created by In Her Majesty’s name, Adventuring Companies conduct an undeclared war between the Great Powers, defeating adversaries to acquire the latest in scientific, engineering and mystic research for their patrons.
As we begin the game the Adventuring Companies are at home equipping themselves for their next mission.
Little do they know that the pharaoh Akhenaton has been reincarnated and is seeking the Regalia of Ra, if he is not stopped then immortality and world dominion will be his.

How is it Played?
Players compete to accumulate Fame Points by travelling to exotic destinations across the globe and completing missions, for every mission there is an adversary who must be defeated, combat involve Shooting, Fighting or Mysticism traits; they are resolved using a dice roll adjusted by skill, action cards and money spent.
During a challenge all players can opt to play action cards or spend money to either help the current player or, in the time honoured tradition of the ‘Great Game’, arm & equip their rival’s adversaries.
Six of the missions in the game involve the Regalia of Ra, Akhenaton’s agents are also searching for the Regalia and on every player’s turn all unclaimed regalia moves towards Akhenaton’s headquarters in Cairo, if a regalia item reaches Cairo then Akhenaton claims it.
When the sixth regalia item is revealed Akhenaton himself appears on the board and he moves to claim any remaining regalia.
If any player or Akhenaton collects all six regalia they automatically win the game.
Once all six regalia are off the board Akhenaton moves towards London, if he reaches it he wins.
Sometimes you’ll need to help a rival defeat their adversary just to stop Akhenaton getting too powerful or reaching London.
The game also ends when Akhenaton is defeated; in this case the player with the most Fame Points is the winner.

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Salute 2017, further preparations

Behold the vile and the valiant:

Baron Viktor von Frankenstein, with Igor and his abominations…

Baron Viktor von Frankenstein and friends

Professor Abraham van Helsing, with the brave villagers…

Professor Abraham van Helsing and the Villagers

And yes, there are bombs…

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Salute 2017 preparations

Well preparations for Salute are well under way. As you can see below my IHMN Gothic participation board is nearly complete.

If you are interested, the buildings are papercraft designed by the talented Dave Graffam. He has such a beautiful range I have pretty much given up on scratchbuilding now.

If you want to see more of his stuff go here: http://www.davesgames.net/ Try a couple of the free sample buildings and I promise you will be hooked.

My next project with them is to create an entire small town for skirmish wargaming and roleplaying.

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Meeples & Miniatures have reviewed Daisho

This fine review and podcast have produced a detailed review of the Ministry’s first published game.

You an find it here: https://meeples.wordpress.com/2017/03/21/review-daisho/

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Daisho & Blood Eagle PDFs now printable

Our digital versions of Daisho and Blood Eagle have been on sale for about a month.  We’ve spent that time collecting feedback, which on the whole has been good – thank you!

The change that’s been asked for most has been to allow printing of the PDFs.  Having discussed this between ourselves and with other publishers, we’ve decided to do this.

With immediate effect, all PDF copies of Daisho and Blood Eagle which you download from our friendly supplier, SnM Stuff, will have printing enabled.

If any of you who downloaded the non-printable versions would like to replace them with printable versions, this can be done at no cost.  Please email your name and original order number to contact@snmstuff.co.uk; they will re-enable your download rights and you’ll then be able to download again from the link they sent you when you purchased the product.

Just to confirm, when we release IHMN Gothic in digital form (date to be confirmed but probably soon after Salute) the PDF will be print-enabled from the start.

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