Thud & Blunder is now shipping!

Hear ye! Hear ye!

His Eminence Lord Eyre has made it known that his minions shall begin shipping T&B immediately. So if you have pre-ordered this mighty tome look to your postal operative.

We at The Ministry would be gratified to hear your first impressions of the books here, on the Facebook page, or on the Lead Adventure and Beasts of War fora.


Lead Adventure

Beasts of War:

Important note: You can still ‘pre-order’  the book up until the 13th March and get the 10% discount coupon as well.

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First review of Thud & Blunder


So folks here is the first review of Thud & Blunder by the inestimable Neil Shuck of Meeples & Miniatures:

We shall leave you to read this and make your mind up on his opinion.

But hell, 5 stars! Woot!

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A funny thing happened to me on the way to the dungeon…

Well… this happened…

The hardback is now available to order from the magnificent North Star 

The digital version, available from, will be available at the same time.

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Incoming Alert!!

Our printers have despatched the first print run of Thud & Blunder to Northstar and it should arrive in the next ten days or so. As soon as Nick has checked the consignment it will be available for sale.

Keep an eye on Northstar as Nick will be putting up the pre-order page fairly soon. Over at SnM Stuff we hope to have the digital version available at the same time as the hardback.

The hardback shall retail for a tiny £27 and the digital for an even tinier £12.

Thud & Blunder Cover Front v1.0 Lo-Res

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Classic dungeons in Thud & Blunder

All of our previous games – In Her Majesty’s Name, Daisho and Blood Eagle – have kept one foot in the real, and offered the players the option to add a little fantasy to their games. This has been fairly popular, but has not encouraged players to go completely off-piste and delve into complete fantasy.

T&B though has cast off from reality entirely, so we are now able to explore in full the many classic fantasy tropes that so many players have been asking us for, for years.  So what can be more fantasy than dungeons?

As we have seen in the previous article we now have a range of classic fantasy landscapes for your warbands to explore, including the classic dungeon. To support these we have also written a number of scenarios to whet your appetite, before you create your own.

These include: The Tomb of the Dwarven King (see below), and Bearding the Dragon.

Thud & Blunder v1.0 pg143 Section 10.1.13 Hi-Res
You may well recognise the set-up for this game from a well known book and associated film series.

It is worth noting that we are not always interested in completely fair and balanced games – life, and fantasy, isn’t fair after all. Running an asymmetrical scenario like the Tomb of the Dwarven King can be just as much fun, and may produce a great story to tell your fellow players in the bar afterwards.

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Landscapes in Thud & Blunder

For those of you who have not sampled our games before, a key part game preparation is the choice of suitable landscapes for players to explore and fight over. Each one comes with a description and suggested benefits, hazards, and the types of terrain pieces you might wish to deploy.

The real purpose of a Landscape is that it sets the scene for another interesting encounter. It also is very useful when crating a campaign.

This a full-on fantasy game so we have expanded this section to include many landscapes that will be familiar to fans of the genre.

img_8621 (1)

A typical, peaceful small town on market day. What could possibly happen here…?

So, in this book we have divided the Landscapes section into four sub-sections; Urban, Rural, Wilderlands and Underground.

The first section, Urban, covers what you might expect to find in a fantasy city by day, by night, upon its rooftops and beneath its streets. Yes, you can do battle across the rooftops, but mind your step… Add to this a number of special locations such as cemeteries, temples, monasteries, a citadel and, of course, taverns. After all, where would a fantasy game, book or film be without a tavern?

The Rural section is shorter, covering just farmsteads, villages and forts, but many of the Urban landscapes could easily be used here as well.

The third section, Wilderlands, includes all the classic fantasy film locations such as deserts, mountain passes, ancient ruins, moors, swamps etc. Plenty of places for the less savoury warbands to hide out in and for brave adventurers to hunt them in.

The final section, Underground, takes you into tombs, catacombs, dwarven holds, caverns, dungeons and last, but by no means least, a dragon’s lair. This last location fits well with the scenario – Bearding the Dragon, and may become the greatest challenge for many a courageous/reckless warband.

So, choose your ground wisely or it could be the resting place for your looted corpse…

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Thud & Blunder – the Contents pages

So, our next reveal are the contents pages.

Now, some people have asked us in the past if we would create an index in our game books. Our approach though is to create a structured contents page, and a detailed cross-reference system.  This seems to have served most readers well enough, so here it is:

Thud & Blunder v1.0 pg04 Contents Lo-Res

Thud & Blunder v1.0 pg05 Contents Lo-Res

Thud & Blunder v1.0 pg06 Contents Lo-Res

There you go folks!

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