Thud & Blunder

Thud & Blunder Cover Front v1.0 Lo-Res

These rules are based, in part on the highly successful engine used in Blood Eagle. However, there have been improvements and expansions to every section, including the largest collection of warbands we have ever produced, much more magic!

The game is being distributed in hardback by North Star miniatures, and in PDF form by SnM Stuff.

Errata: We’ve spotted a few minor issues in the hardcopy version; some of these have been corrected in the digital version. Thud & Blunder Errata v1.0

Additional material

The following material is available for you to download and use with the game:

  1. The Warband creator allows to you modify or create entirely new warbands for the game;  T&B Warband Cost Calculator v2.1
  2. The Monster creator allows you to include monsters in the game that are not listed in the Bestiary;  T&B Monster Cost Calculator v1.1
  3. The Vehicle creator allow you to create wild and wacky new medieval vehicles that are not yet in the game;  T&B Vehicle Cost Calculator v1.1
  4. The Weapon creator is for you to add normal and magical weapons to the game for your figures to use;  T&B Weapon Cost Calculator v1.1
  5. Thud & Blunder Show Figure Cards 2019 – Run for your Deaths
  6. Thud & Blunder Show Figure Cards 2019 – The Witch’s Cat
  7. Thud & Blunder Show Scenario 2019 – Run for your Deaths
  8. Thud & Blunder Show Scenario 2019 – The Witch’s Cat
  9. The T&B Reference Sheet; Thud & Blunder Reference Sheet v1
  10. The T&B Roster Sheet version 1a: Thud & Blunder Roster Sheet v1a
  11. The T&B Roster Sheet version 1b: Thud & Blunder Roster Sheet v1b
  12. The T&B Roster Sheet version 1c: Thud & Blunder Roster Sheet v1c
  13. A Noble Lord’s Retinue – a new Warband for Thud & Blunder
  14. Gnoll Warband – an extracted and improved warband for Thud & Blunder