The Other Partizan 2017

The Other Partizan 2017

As is our custom, shortly before dawn my good friend Hairy Dave and myself crossed the border into England and began the trek to Newark. Upon our arrival we found the hall thronging with busy traders and games presenters.

As usual the good gentlemen Richard and Laurence and their splendid crew had everything in fine fettle and we found our alloted space in mere moments.

Once set-up, we able once again to take in the full glory of Partizan’s new home. The beautiful Kelham Hall has nothing really to compare to this light and airy cattle shed 😉

A quick tour around the traders relieved me of a few pounds sterling (see more on this below) and allowed me to renew a number of acquaintances, too many to recount in this short report though I shall select a few for your delectation.

The Big Squiddo herself, Annie Norman, and her lovely mother were running a petting zoo in one corner of the hall. Really, if she is going to bring livestock she should cosplay the Nurse Joy from Pokemon 🙂

Dave Wise and the gentlemen from COGs were putting on three IHMN games, as they have done at every single wargames’ show in the UK for at least five years. The man deserves a medal.

I did a brief tour around the Demo zone which only made me more determined to up my game. The many tables there were absolutely gorgeous and this is one of the few shows where you have the time and space to fully appreciate the effort these fine people have put into them.

Unlike some shows all the games presenters were happy to engage with the great gaming public. I had a chat with a lovely chap on the Very British Civil War table. I always find the concept of this game and the good humoured way in which it is carried out refreshing.

At this show we decided to something a little different and run a historically accurate recounting of the Saga of Ranald and Miko. Though many people questioned my sources this is a story as old as time. Boy drags longship over the Canadian ice pack, find a mystical island chain, falls in love with the Daimyo’s daughter and attempts to elope with her, only to be stopped by a bunch of drunken Ronin.


Hairy Dave inspecting our arrangements before the show began in earnest.

What this did do was show how easy it is to mix our games together, with the Ronin following the Daisho rules and the Vikings following Blood Eagle.

A hearty thanks to those chaps who managed to swallow their incredulity and participate in this famous action.

During the day a number of open-minded chaps attempted this task and, in most cases, the Viking prevailed, but usually with terrible losses. The question though still remains, who was able in combat, Samurai or Vikings?

A new friend made was Jonathon Haythornthwaite, author of Osprey and Northstar’s Dracula’s America. A delightful chap with an interesting set of rules. Hairy Dave had a play of them and pronounced them to be simple and fun.

Indeed I levered open my coin purse and purchased a blister of figures, two of which are artfully displayed below. Various traders were heard to audibly gasp as I actually bought something (I may be expelled from the Cult of Luff for this).

The behorned gentleman may become a magister of the Hellfire Club and one always needs more cultists.

It seems that at every show I visit these days I come across Carl Brown lurking in some dimly lit alcove promoting his Open Combat skirmish rules, and this day was no different. Carl is the classic one-man-band games author, and part of the growing number of independents with excellent products that the great gaming public should have a look at instead of being entranced by the lure of the next megabox kickstarter.

So, another excellent day out – well done the Partizan meeps! We have already booked for both shows next year so we shall no doubt see some of you there.

This the last show we are attending this year. We are hopeful to begin the 2018 season at Vapnartak in February.



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  1. Frod says:

    Who may I ask produced the delightful behorned gentleman?


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