North Star to take over Lead Adventure Fora!

For some years now In Her Majesty’s Name has been fortunate enough to have a dedicated sub-board on the magnificent Lead Adventure Fora. It seems that our good friend and distributor of Ministry products – Nick Eyre – is stepping up to ensure these excellent fora remain operational.

We could not be happier with this turn of events and wish Nick and the LAF Moderators the very best for the future.

Alex – owner and founder of Lead Adventure Forum:

“Dear LAF members: I have an important announcement for you today. As you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t been very active on the forum in the last months (and even before that), which was for many reasons, none of them bad, just the usual RL stuff, family, work, other things/interests. I won’t be going any deeper into this, but really don’t need to worry – I’m fine, it’s just some personal stuff.

Nonetheless, due to all those things I had to limit the time I spend on the hobby, and above all I had to find a solution for running of LAF as I am not able any more to take care of this community as much as it deserves. For that reason, I really want to say “thank you” to our moderator team, to every one of them, for being around all the time, every day, offering their time, reading posts, helping, inspiring. I really appreciate your efforts, guys, thanks again!

Still, there are some other things which must be done, like forum software updates, hardware issues etc. Someone must take care of all these things, and frankly, it’s time to let some fresh air in. Thus, I started to look for someone who could replace me as legal owner and chief administrator of LAF. It wasn’t easy and I won’t be boring you with details but, among others, I approached Nick from North Star and asked him if he would be interested in taking care of LAF. Nick was surprised at first, but following some thinking, he said yes.

I understand that this news is probably as much a surprise for you as it was for Nick Smiley But yes, the decision had been made, I decided that I cannot run LAF any longer and I really would like to say another thank you, this time to Nick! Running this community isn’t that easy, after all. I hope all of you out there are aware of that. Just like work, it never stops. Therefore, I’m glad we could find someone willing to take this burden voluntarily Smiley And please don’t get it wrong, it’s not a commercial transaction. I didn’t sell LAF, I never would. I am giving it to Nick as this place is a labour of love. It has become too big for me to handle, but it’s still a lovely place to be.

I will let Nick to say some words on that too and to tell you what his plans are for the forum. We’re already working on the technical side of the things so please be prepared for some downtime on LAF in the coming days, maybe weeks. The server database needs to be migrated from my server to Nick’s. A thorough and major software update needs to be done, membership authorisations re-created etc. It’s a lot of work and it will take some time. But I will try to warn you in time. Now let me finish this announcement. And let me say thanks to all of you. For all the good times we had together, for all your input, creativity and inspiration. It’s been an honour.”

Nick Eyre from North Star Miniatures, new owner of Lead Adventure Forum:

“I’d like to thank Alex for passing the honour of running LAF to me. As he mentioned, it was unexpected and threw me off at first. But I decided I’d rather give it a go rather than not. In all honesty, my plans for LAF don’t go any further than ‘business as usual’ right now. I’ve been here myself since 2011, and I want to see it continue. I’ve got my friends at Wargames Illustrated looking at the technical side of the transfer, I don’t know anything about it and they do, so if you see their name in the background, that’s why.

It’s my hope that all the moderators will stay on, and run their boards like they always have. I’ve no intention of using each board for product placement or shutting down debate about our stuff. Commercially my only thought right now is to re-introduce the banner ads that used to appear, this time you’ll see mine as well as Miniaturicums/ Lead Adventure Miniatures. I may start a new board for North Star news, so you can participate or not in it, but that’s something I’ll do once we are up and running.

My biggest concern is the ‘up and running’ part. We don’t know what will happen when we move server, and we will have to update the software, so please bear with us if problems arise. A last note just to say Veteran member of LAF and BLAM Dewbacuk will also be joining me in running LAF. He’s staff at North Star, so we see each other each working day (and gaming time outside), and he knows you lot much better than I do, so it seems a good call.”


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